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Kiteboard Vacations

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Getting the hang of it768 viewsAllison never thought it would be so fun and easy. Her first time flying a kite, waist deep in Biscayne BayAug 21, 2006
Daniel off Key Biscayne667 viewsAug 21, 2006
Claudio loves glassy water620 viewsHow are the riding conditions for learning to go upwind??? Ideal!!!Aug 21, 2006
Daniel rides into the sunset603 viewsWho knew that good old Southern boys could kite so well!!!Aug 21, 2006
17 foot aquasport1779 views115 johnson complete rebuild upper and lower unit
May 16, 2006
new mens t shirt435 viewsfront of the shirt says" Another Sick Day"

back of shirt says" Dont tell the boss you saw me

side says "kiteboarding culture"
Apr 30, 2006
new kite house t shirts588 viewsfront of the shirt says" Another Sick Day"

back of shirt says" Dont tell the boss you saw me

side says "kiteboarding culture"
Apr 30, 2006
148 and 158439 viewsfor my wieght, i can get the same out of the 148, unless its under 10mph, then i need the 158........but at that point i should be spear fishing!
158 is great light wind board and for 170+lbs
Apr 30, 2006
148408 viewsSmooth rocker line with flex and very very light, way better upwind and light wind board than lite wave boards and anything else on the market.Apr 30, 2006
148 flex in tips432 viewsThes boards are so great, i have been waiting for this, so light, flex in the tips, great pop, i used to ride light waves alot, these blow them all away, and will travel easy as wellApr 30, 2006
pink front288 viewsanother sick dayApr 30, 2006
pink side293 viewsApr 30, 2006
pink ladies269 viewsdont tell the boss you saw meApr 30, 2006
back view shirt219 viewsdont tell the boss you saw me, also grey and redApr 30, 2006
shirts men232 viewsanother sick day [front]
kiteboarding culture[side]
dont tell the boss you saw me[back]
Apr 30, 2006
self land no one around1160 viewskite hooked up to bagApr 30, 2006
self land no one around1214 viewsyou have flown the kite to edge of the window, brought kite down, and let it settle, now you are holding the kite by the chicken loop and conect to you bag

i know people we also use this for self launch some times, its ok but there is a lot of tension on the chicken loop when you go to unhook it, so becarefull not to let go!!!!!! conect you leash first
Apr 30, 2006
self land no one around1106 viewsafter the kite is down and you are walking to the kite, if you want to stop the kite even quicker you can do so by pulling on one center line to land the kite[make surte you are clear of lines and your harness doesnt grab a line by mistake]Apr 30, 2006
self land no one around1034 viewsno that you no you are clear, you need to grab a center lineApr 30, 2006
self land no one around994 viewsafter the hard tug on the center line closest to you the kite stays downApr 30, 2006
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